Year End Functions in Roodepoort


Year End Functions in Roodepoort


Best venue for a year end function in Roodepoort, Johannesburg

Just about everyone gets excited about year-end functions, and most companies go all out to give their employees a great year end function. We have the best venue for your year end function in Roodepoort (Johannesburg) . . . make sure you book it on time to avoid disappointment.

Jackal Creek hosts some of the best year end functions, our venue has everything that you need for great fun.


A purpose must be clearly defined before planning the event as it will influence the type of venue you choose. For example; If your objective is to intimately engage and interact with staff, a small and cozy setting with round tables would be ideal. If you would like your employees just to let loose and have fun, a venue with cocktail tables, a dance floor, and suitable acoustics will be a good option. The objective of your year end function must also be expressed in the invite as well as in all the communication leading up to the event. Your venue is the foundation for you to achieve your objectives.


Find out who the chefs are and check out the restaurant and food reviews and your choice of menu will speak volumes to the employees. Make sure that your menu caters to the needs of all the staff; you need to make sure you get the dietary requirements of each attendee. The attention to these types of detail will show your staff that you care and that you are mindful of their individual needs.


While this may seem like an obvious reason, it is often not thought of. Weather is unpredictable and can upset an event. If you have chosen an outdoor venue, make sure that they have an indoor section or a marquee and a plan B in place if the weather changes. This is a must if you want your attendees to have a pleasant time.

Get your Year End Functions sorted out, book Jackal Creek in Roodepoort, Johannesburg.