Group Lunches in Roodepoort


Group Lunches in Roodepoort


Jackal Creek is not only famous for being a great venue for parties, year end functions and events, it’s also a great place for group lunches in Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

If you are looking to hang out with your friends, colleagues or family, then you should seriously consider doing your group lunches at Jackal Creek.

To make it fun and great, take the following into consideration when planning group lunches in Johannesburg (or anywhere else):

Plan Ahead

It’s important to start planning your event early. Any successful party should be planned in advance, but since you don’t have control over every aspect of the venue (as it’s a restaurant or bar that you don’t own), there are more logistics you’ll have to nail down. Begin by thinking about the type of event you want to have.

Scout It Out

Once you’ve figured out the basic details, get online and research possible restaurants and bars to host it at. If you want it in a private room, search for restaurants that have private rooms. If you want to host a less casual event like a group lunch.

Set up a meeting with the owner during normal business hours to discuss all the details of the event. Ask permission to bring in any outside food (like a cake) and decorations.

Keep Staff Informed

The day of the party, keep the restaurant staff informed of any changes. Your vegan friend surprised you by flying in? Let the kitchen know they’ll need a vegan dish. Your parents stopping by for a drink? Tell the staff to keep an eye out for them and point them in the direction of your table.

Be a Hostess or host

Even though the party isn’t in your personal home, don’t forget that you’re the hostess, and it’s your responsibility to ensure everything runs smoothly. Don’t get drunk before the salad has been served. Introduce people who may not know each other. Make your guests feel comfortable.

Tip Generously

If the party is a fabulous success, reward the staff who served you with a generous tip. Pay your bill in a timely and private manner. Send a handwritten thank-you note to the restaurant specifically thanking all the people involved in your event a few days after the party

Get in touch with Jackal Creek for amazing group lunches in Roodepoort, Johannesburg.