Golf Day in Roodepoort


Preparing for a golf day in Roodepoort


Jackal Creek is the perfect place for a golf day, and if you are looking for the perfect venue for it, you have found it.


Organizing a golf society day, a company golf day or corporate golf day takes too much of time and hassle. It is important to invite friends first to see which dates work for everyone. Or, if you know a date already, you can book the club first and then send invites out, so your clients can schedule for the day and can chat to you and other participants before and after the golf day.

It is very easy to do and will only take a few minutes to setup.

You can then wait for the responses from your friends and the best prices from each golf club to come in; giving you time to go out and practice before the big day.

There are only 4 Steps to setting up a golf day:

  • Setup Golf Day
  • Invite Players
  • Select Venue
  • Complete Booking

Jackal Creek has everything that you need to have a successful golf day. Based in Roodepoort, setting it up starts with a phone call, so get in touch with us at 011 251 6721.